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Ing. Giacomo Cescutti Thirty years - experienced engeneer in the management of assistance structures

We noticed that a lot of people are forced to spend their life in bed because of disabilities, illnesses or old age.

Whether these conditions are short or permanent ,we observed that, unfortunately, there are no reliable systems yet, to provide them a complete hygienic care. Techniques currently used, guarantee partially hygienic operations, often endangering patients’ physical and mental wellbeing.

In order to improve infirm people conditions, we shaped an idea that has been transformed into a real project. Thanks to the collaboration of the oncological reference center (CRO) and other local hospitals, we developed our product: “BAGNOLETTO”. This innovation provides an easy-to use system to finally solve hygienic needs of bedridden people.

In order to realize this project, we combined skills and human resources to set up a start-up company, called HYONSI SRL, whose main goals are: including our product in the list of disabled aids, reach health facilities, medical informants and specialized health shops and to promote “BAGNOLETTO” through the web channel, thanks to a dedicated section of e-commerce, through informative and promotional support, trade fairs and dedicated exhibitions.


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