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Over the past 20 years the rate of over 80 years old persons has increased by around 150%.

By 2030, the elders of our country will represent approximately 26.5% of the entire population. Moreover, there have to be added a significant number of people forced to bed, due to disabilities or illnesses, who are inable to provide to their own hygiene.

This reality requires a deep consideration of the network of services offered:

Homes are generally designed for peolpe who is able to move and causes inconveniences to the basic needs of people in unconfortable conditions; moreover, the instruments and the aids available do not permit a careful hygiene able to neutralize infections, bacteria and viruses.

Trying to solve these problems, we have created Bagnoletto, an innovative system designed to offer the pleasure of a bath to those who are infirm in a simple, quick and safe way.

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