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Bagnoletto is an innovative system addressed to public and private health facilities, to offer to bedridden patients the benefits of a shower or of a full bath.

This system speeds up and semplifies daily hygiene operations and ensures a better cleaning than the traditional sponging, avoiding any possible discomforts.

Bagnoletto, is a functional solution for health workers, suitable for hospices, hospitals, clinics and home services.

Bagnoletto Benefits

  • Guarantees the whole personal hygiene
  • Offers all benefits of a complete bath
  • Makes easy care and hygiene operations
  • It is safe
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Allows the use of running water in any conditions or context
  • Simplifies operators activity
  • It does not need electricity
  • Suitable for any type of bed (even without sides)
  • It can be used directly on bed
  • Ensures operators, preserving them from any possible risk due to the incorrect handling of infirm persons
  • It can be shared by several persons, thanks to single use sheats
  • It allows multiple baths in the same room, reducing the number of operators involved

How Bagnoletto works

Find out how simple is to improve care and hygiene services of bedridden patients:

  • Insert bagnoletto inside a single use sheat
  • Extend bagnoletto
  • Place slowly the person on one side
  • Place bagnoletto partially under the person
  • Rotate the person and fully unfold bagnoletto
  • Raise the banks
  • Use the pressure pump-tank and the hand shower
  • Give the pleasure of a complete bath
  • Remove the single use sheat
  • Re-use bagnoletto for another person without any sanitizing operation


Bagnoletto Solution


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