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Hygiene and well-being for persons forced to bed

Ensures the hygiene of those who are enticed

If you take care of a bedridden person, you surely know how important is physical and psychological well-being and supporting the normal biological functions and the daily care of the body. Even when the patient is not self-sufficient, it is essential to try to keep his hygienic habits unchanged, supporting cleansing and hydration.
The currently used method is sponging.

It consists in washing the body with soaked sponges (with water or neutral detergent solutions), and carefully drying the skin. This method has, however, many limits: sponges often cause irritation because of the excessive rubbing ( in these cases skin is particularly perceivable), furthermore, they do not always guarantee a complete cleaning, especially in areas that are particularly difficult to reach (sores and interstices); moreover, if not properly sterilized they can constitute vehicles of infections (viruses and bacteria).
The other option, if conditions of the person allow it, could be the assisted bath and shower.

A complete bath involves the use of a seat aid or of an electric lift, which must be installed on the tank, and the shower involves a wall seat or a wheelchair. Both methods are actually difficult to manage, require the use of different operators and can be sources of physical damages or severe stress for the person.

Bagnoletto has been deviced in order to overcome these problems. It is the best alternative to traditional aids; it is comfortable, practical, fast and ensures an accurate cleaning, reducing operators’ stress and discomfort for infirms.


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